Altered Constants


  • Continue to develop my love for the Web and software design through exciting projects and new technologies.
  • Contribute to best-practice design for the healthy, sustainable growth of the Web.
  • Further improve my software development and project management skills.
  • Work with an equally enthusiastic team to inspire and drive me toward all of the above.


17 years of experience with Web programming and design technologies and best practices.

  • Front-end design using HTML5/XHTML, JavaScript, React.js, CSS3/SCSS, and Photoshop/GIMP.

  • Build and dependency management using Grunt, NPM, and Webpack.

  • Semantic and structured information design using (X)HTML, XML, XSD, XPath, and XSLT.

  • Back-end programming and database design using PHP, MySQL, Node.js.


17 years of experience with software design and development and10 years of experience in a software development work environment.

  • Procedural, object-oriented, functional, logic, and shell programming languages including C#, C/C++, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Scheme/LISP, Haskell, SML, Prolog, BASH, GNU Make.

  • The Microsoft Visual Studio IDE including .NET framework 2/3/4, Windows Forms, WPF, and Windows Phone development.

  • Design patterns and principles including Test-Driven Development, Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection, Open/Closed Principle, and Separation of Concerns.

  • Software version control systems including Git, Mercurial, and Perforce.

System Administration

16 years years of experience with various operating systems and server and network technologies.

  • Linux Web server design using Apache, Nginx, PHP/MySQL services, BIND, ISC DHCP.

  • Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Cygwin environments.

  • Virtualization environments using VMware, Linux KVM, and HyperV.

  • Network hardware and software on Cisco routers and switches.

  • Routing protocols and other network standards and their implementation in Cisco IOS and Linux including RIP, IGRP/EIGRP, OSPF, STP, VTP, VLANs, NAT, DHCP, ACLs, link aggregation.

Employment History

2015 – Present


Software engineer

  • Developed desktop client user interfaces using Web technologies such as Electron, JavaScript (ES6), React.js, SCSS, Grunt.
  • Worked closely with Product, UX, and Design to clearly define feature and project scope.
  • Responsible for tracking and ensuring completeness and correctness of a major component of the application.
  • Developed automated tests using Selenium, Capybara, and Spinach in a full-stack environment.

2013 – 2015


Junior Windows software developer

  • Developed desktop client user interfaces and the underlying service to support them using the .NET Framework and WPF.
  • Redesigned and maintained build systems using Jenkins and MSBuild.
  • Implemented and maintained branching strategies and dependency management for the project repositories.
  • Developed and coordinated cross-platform automated testing tools for a full-stack environment.

2008 – 2013

3M Company, Library Systems

Software development technical aide

  • Assisted developers with primary development projects.
  • Created testing and automation tools for developers.

2007 – 2008

Century Community and Technical College

Fabrication Lab technical assistant

  • Set up and maintained control computers for fabrication equipment.

2003 – Present


Technical support and Web development

2002 – 2005

St. Paul Central High School

Volunteer technical support


Fall 2009 – Spring 2013

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • Linguistics Minor
  • University Honors Program

GPA: 3.544 (100 credits)


  • Study Abroad
    • Japan (Summer 2010) – Intensive Japanese Language Program
    • South Korea (Spring 2011) – CIEE South Korea Scholarship Recipient
    • China (Summer 2011) – Digital Technology Seminar
  • President of the Fencing Club (2012–2013)
  • CSE International Ambassador (2010–2011)

Spring 2006 – Spring 2009

Century College, White Bear Lake, MN

  • Associate in Applied Science – Information and Telecommunications Technology (Spring 2008)
  • Associate in Science – Engineering (Spring 2009)
  • Associate in Science – Computer Science (Fall 2009)
  • Associate in Arts (Spring 2010)

Overall GPA: 3.88 (152 credits), Technical GPA: 3.86, High Distinction

Fall 2001 – Spring 2005

St. Paul Central High School, St. Paul, MN