Altered Constants

About the Site

This website is the personal website for Zeff Svoboda, his projects, and other such nonsense.

About the Person

Zeff Svoboda is a software engineer and an unabashed, multifaceted geek. Through self-taught and formal education, he has explored everything from Web and software development, electronics design, and system and network administration. He also thinks a lot about politics, social justice, language, and urban planning. A modest, sociable introvert with a passion for learning and sharing, he hates writing in the third person (but someone's gotta do it).

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Zeff earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Linguistics from the University of Minnesota. He has spent the last decade honing his software development skills, starting from humble HTML websites full of <table>s and bad graphics through to complex, modular, testable APIs and UIs for Web and desktop platforms. His primary areas of interest include Web frameworks and standards, development tooling, and programming language design.

Beside software, Zeff enjoys recreational cycling and fencing, planning to go backpacking someday, and working on old cars and trying not to buy more.

About the Name

The reasons I chose this domain name are three-fold:

  1. a play on words, making light of the notion of mutable "constants" in programming languages like C++;
  2. a philosophical acknowledgement of the equally absurd "constant change" dichotomy of reality; and
  3. a reference to a track by Boards of Canada, one of my favorite musical groups, called "Constants Are Changing" from their 2005 release The Campfire Headphase.